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Radhe engineering Co. is the core company of Radhe Group of Energy mainly engaged in the Research & Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of Renewable Energy Projects mainly in Biomass Energy since 1995.….

  • Biomass Briquetting Plant
    - Jumbo 90 - Supreme 70 - super 60
  • Biomass Dryer
  • Biomass Hammer Mill
  • Biomass Shredder
  • Belt Conveyor Loader

Our vision is to achieve global leadership in providing value-added high quality solutions to our clients in utilizing waste and convert it into valuable fuel, by combining technology expertise, domain skills, process focus and a commitment to long term client relationships.

The company was spun off as an independent organization with carrying the leadership & experience of Dr. Shailesh Makadia in early ninty’s. Since inception, Radhe Engineering Co. has worked closely with client to help them utilize the waste, more efficient and more agile businesses.

Radhe Engineering Co, - A rich heritage to live up to! Organizational values are the foundation stones on which the organization’s image is built. These help the company realize its organizational goals and in turn transform lives. These values are intended to infuse an infectious energy, professionalism and a sense of true empowerment to the workplace.

The solid edifice on which Radhe Engineering Co. stands tall today was built on high ideals and values. The company has its roots in the independence movement in the early nineties, a cause to empower the nation. We are adaptive to the changing times, while remaining steadfast to the values rooted inour culture.

Our values is towards our goals of expansion, diversification and excellence. These values define our philosophy of operations, guide our important decisions and determine our commitment and achievement.


img A Magnificent Journey to the well-defined goal,
         with every step on Chartered Path.

We always provide positive platform to all creative ideas, efforts and technocrats to give solid form to our endeavor to make green, sustainable and cheerful globally society with passionate, restless and tireless journey.

Dr. Shailesh Makadia (Founder)
Radhe Group of Energy .


In this era of climate change phenomenon and much talked about "Carbon Footprint" our group philosophy is to be eco-friendly and use renewable source of energy. Since inception of Radhe promoted green energy through manufacturing of non-conventional and renewable energy equipment’s which is contributing immensely on reduction of use of fossil fuels.

Energy is key factor in economic development of every country. The demand of energy is increasing and supply sources are limited so there is building a huge gap between demand and supply of energy.

While it is red alert for fossil fuels like Petrol, Kerosene, Furnace Oil, LDO, Natural Gas, LPG, Lignite, Coal etc. thus renewable and non-conventional energy is the only solution, among the non-conventional sources of energy, the use of the energy potential in agricultural wastes shows good promise.

We therefore urge entire business community to promote the use of alternate source of fuel and enhance awareness towards environmental issues.

Well, the purpose of our existence in the business of Briquetting Machine is both i.e. one to promote eco-friendly "green energy" by reduction in use of fossil fuel by generating best from agriculture waste and second to promote entrepreneur by providing economical viable solutions to grow their business and finally contribution to the growth of economy for the country.

Vijay Kalavadia (CEO)
Radhe Engineering Co.