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* Application

Flash Dryer is used for Drying Biomass like sawdust, Bamboo dust, sugarcane bagasse etc.

* Description of Flash Dryer

In the Flash Dryer system, Input Biomass (with Higher Moisture) feed in a screw Conveyor mix with hot air. Hot Air which is generated from furnace passes with wet Biomass in duct line. Due to ID Blower developed negative pressure in full system up to duct line.

Moisture liberated from biomass due to more than 100.C Temperature inside system. Due to maximum Contact time and surface area moisture evaporate and separated threw blower discharge.

At the bottom of Cyclone dry biomass collected and discharged threw RAV- rotary air lock valve. Moisture (Steam) and flue gases pass to ID fan to Bag house or Chimney.

* Biomass Dryer - Flash Type

* Output Capacity of Flash Dryer

Output Production Capacity :  1500 Kg/Hr. * ( If input Moisture % Max. 30%)
Input Moisture Percentage :  30%
Output Moisture Percentage :  10%
Water Evaporation Capacity :  400 Kg/Hr.

* Output Capacity

If moisture percentage is more then 30% Output prouction capacity will be propotionally less. Output drying capacity is depend on input material moisture %

* System Specification

Type of Dryer :  Flash Type
Dry Threw :  Hot air
System Pressure :  Negative/suction
Fuel in Furness :  Solid coal ( Briquettes/Fire Wood)

* Technical Specification

Blower :  25 HP
Rotary Air Lock Valve :  1 HP
Screw Conveyor :  3 HP

* Atomization for Operating

  • Feeding conveyor speed is operating as per cyclone outlet set point temperature.
  • Servo control valve is operated as per desire temperature for system.

* Land Area & Size ( Approx)

Length :  20 Feet
Width :  15 Feet
Height :  20 Feet

* Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Flash dryer

  • Maximum travel length with Hot air.
  • Completely atomized feeding threw VFD drive as per operating parameters
  • High capacity ID Blower
  • Servo control valve to mix blend fresh air to desire input temperature from furnace
  • Dust collecting system to as for control dust pollution.
  • Temperature sensor at all required location to support atomization as a set point.
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