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* Application

Cutter / Shredder is for reduce bigger size for any kind of Biomass stalk and Wood pieces. It can works in farm with tractor operated PTO shaft or also utilized in factory with Electric motors.

* System Description of Cutter / Shredder

Cutter / Shredder / Chipper is operated threw cutting sharp bled .Two rollers uniformly feed long biomass stalk. Adjustable bled cutting material and blow outside. Distance between fix bed and bled is give output size result. It can be adjustable. System is operate threw 25 Hp electric motor or Mobile system can be work to joint at PTO shaft of tractor.

* Cutter/Shadder

* System Specification

Feeding by :  manual threw double roller
Output Cutting Size :  10 mm or more
Output capacity :  1 MT/Hr*
Input Size Length :  any
Input size Diameter :  Max. 25mm
Moving Scope :  By two wheels

* Electricity / Power

Electric Motor :  25 Hp or 40 HP Tractor on site

* Production Capacity

Continues feeding is must by manually. Output capacity is depends on the type of Raw Material. For Better production output and lower fuel consumption can be achieved if feeding is regular.

* Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Cutter / Shredder

  • Standard Heavy duty applicable MOC and design.
  • For farm on site tractor operated and at factory optionally by electric motor.
  • Mobility threw two wheels
  • Feeding belt for essay input
  • EN-31 bled for long life
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