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* Application

The Pellet Mill is for converting powdery form biomass or sawdust to 8mm plus diameter and small pieces of pellets

Pellets are ideal fuel for fluidized bed thermal application. Also used in Bio-stove and Pellet Burner.

* System Description of Pellet Mill

Pelletizing is a binder less process to compact finely pulverized material into firm mass of a required shape and size by extruding it through a metallic ring die or Flat Die. Instead of Binder steam works as a natural binder for pelletizing.

Finely ground material is fed into the Pellet Mill through a feeder and then pressed into a rotating ring die with the help of two press rolls free to rotate on their respective shafts. The resulting pressure compresses the material and extrudes it through the holes in the die

In flat die Pellet Mill same two or four press roller rotate and dandified material as required hole size. For smaller model flat die is good.

* Screw Briquetting

* Production Capacity of Pellet Mill

Output Production Capacity :  100 Kg/Hr. * ( Model - Flate Die/Domestic)
Output Production Capacity :  500 Kg/Hr. * ( Model - Ring Die/commercial)

* Raw material ( Biomass) Specifications

Input Raw material :  Sawdust, any Biomass powder
Size of Raw Material :  Powdery
Moisture contain :  Max. 10 %.

* Output Pellet Specification

Pellets Diameter / Shape :  Approx 8 mm ( Cylindrical Shape )
Pellets Length :  Not fixed ( Approx 1 Inch)

* Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Pellet Mill ( Ring Die / Flat Die)

  • Finished product Pellet can be use as household to industrial application.
  • Pellets are eco-friendly fuel.
  • Empowering rural development to utilized as a bio-stove fuel.
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