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* Application

Hollow - Screw Briquetting Plant is for convert Biomass Powder or sawdust to Hollow Briquettes / Bio-coal. This Hollow Briquettes can be carbonized as a charcoal.

* System Description of Screw Briquetting Machine

The project is simply process of converting Agro-forestry or Bio-mass waste into Briquettes. Briquetting is a process of densification of biomass to produce homogeneous, uniformly sized solid pieces of high bulk density which can be conveniently used as a fuel.

In a screw extruder press, the biomass is extruded continuously by a screw through a heated taper die which can reduce the friction. Briquettes quality and production procedure is far superior to piston press technology. The central hole incorporated into the briquettes produced by a screw extruder helps to achieve uniform and efficient combustion and also these briquettes can be carbonized.

* Screw Briquetting

* Production Capacity of Screw Briquetting Machine

Output Production Capacity :  150 Kg/Hr. *

* Raw material ( Biomass) Specifications

Input Raw material :  Rice Husk, Sawdust, any Biomass powder
Size of Raw Material :  Powdery, Up to 5mm
Moisture contain :  Max. 10 %.

* Output Briquettes (Bio-coal) Specification

Briquettes Diameter / Shape :  50 mm ( Cylindrical Shape - Hollow)
Briquettes Length :  Not fixed ( around 1 Feet)
Output Production Capacity :  150 Kg/Hr. *

* Production Capacity

Output capacity is depends on the bulk density of Raw Material. So it will vary with different type and size of input raw material. If the raw material is not in powdery form then Hammer Mill is required additionally.

* Electricity / Power

Total Connected power Load :  Approx. 30 HP
Practical used Amp. Load :  Approx. 40 - 45 Amp
Power consumption :  Approx. 70-80 Unit/MT

* Individual Electric data

Briquetting Main Ele.Motor :  20 HP
Screw Conveyor Ele. Motor :  1 HP
Electric Heater - 3 Nos. :  5 KW

*  Area & Size

Botton Frame /Foundation :  6 Feet x 3 Feet
Machine Room (For one Machine) :  Minimum 10 Feet x 10 Feet
Total Area for Project :  Minimum 100 M3 or More

*  Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Screw Briquetting Machine

  • Compact and low cost easy operating design
  • Small scale base project
  • Empowering rural development
  • Quality of hollow briquettes is superior then all. It can be carbonized.
  • Hollow Briquettes are ideal and eco-freindly fuel with uniform shape, good calorific value & low ash contain. Ideal for hotels and household domestic use.
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