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Energy is the key factor in economic development of every country. The demand of energy is increasing and supply sources are limited so there is building a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy.

While it is red alert for fossil fuels like Petrol, Kerosene, Furnace Oil, LDO, Natural Gas, LPG, Lignite, Coal etc. Thus Renewable and non-conventional energy is the only solution, among the non-conventional sources of energy, the use of the energy potential in agricultural wastes shows good promise.

The project is simply process of converting Agro-forestry or Bio-mass waste into Briquettes / bio-coal/White Coal. Briquetting is the process of densification of biomass to produce homogeneous, uniformly sized solid pieces of high bulk density which can be conveniently use as a fuel.

The Government of India has declared the incentives as under *

  • 100 % Income Tax benefit up to 5 years
  • 80% depreciation on first year
  • Doesn't require NOC from pollution control board
  • Prompt finance available from nationalized bank
    ( * Kindly check the updates )

Social Benefits

  • Employment generation
  • Save import duty on fossil fuel
  • Reduce green house gases
  • Control pollution

Salient feature of the project

  • Easy availability of various raw material
  • Does not require any binder or chemical
  • Excellent project viability
  • Rising demand of finished Briquettes
  • Short payback period
  • Pollution free and non-hazardous project


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